The trailer sweeps in with Johnny Cash’s Hurt, which in a few seconds seems extremely fitting when you gaze upon the older and broken Logan aka Wolverine, aka, how did he age, and isn’t that what he wanted? So what is he sad about now?

The entire trailer footage is set on a desert landscape, with Boyd Holbrook as the villain, completing this as one of the very few western superhero movies. The last one was probably Jonah Hex. So here is what we managed to glean about the latest and probably the last of Hugh Jackman as The Wolverine.

Mutants are Extinct

So mutant-kind is still served the short end of the stick in the future, as Logan narrates to the ailing Professor X. The last we knew of mutant jeopardy was mutant children being used as weapons in the Transigen project. This movie skips to the very end, or almost the end, when Logan seems to be the only one around. Logan too has lost his powers, evident with the grey hair he is growing.

Enter Laura Kinney

The Professor then introduces Logan to a young girl, Laura, and tells Logan that she is a lot like him, which only has us guessing whether she is another X-23. She could also be another mutant, just like him, since mutant children have evidently disappeared, probably into the Transigen project. We hope she is the key to saving mutant kind, because then it is just going to be one mutant, and one ex-mutant, and nobody likes that timeline.

There Are Fresh New Villians

We don’t know who Pierce is, and unlike the other movies in the series, this trailer does not exhibit characters like a really old Stryker or the more appropriate comic’s Dr. Zander Rice for example.

We Are Confused about the Timeline

In Days of Future Past, Logan intervened in the 70s to change the timeline. We assume by the end of the movie that all is well and that the dead mutants are back. However, things are worse than before in this trailer. It has us thinking; what was the point of Wolverine jumping into the past if mutants had to suffer a worse fate? We would be disappointed if we don’t find out in the second Christmas trailer.

When Xavier Says You Still Have Time

This is probably the biggest thing that audiences took away from the trailer. What does that mean? It is like the professor is giving him hope and urging him to do something, but what is it? We want to know.