People always want to know the inside scoop about interviews and how to ace them. When it comes to job interviews, there are several things you should keep in mind. For the most part, the person conducting the interview can base their decision on you within the first five minutes by picking up on several things like eye contact, posture, and the way you speak. Here are a few tips to think about the next time you go in for your own interview.

Be On Time:

Nothing is worse than showing up late for an interview. They want to see that you are a punctual person who can be accountable. This is the first thing that someone is looking for during the hiring process.

Make Eye Contact With A Firm Hand Shake:

This more than anything demonstrates that you have confidence in yourself and have good people skills. If the interviewer is less than satisfied with the way you present yourself, you will be fighting an uphill battle for the duration of the process.

Dress Appropriately:

Much like the previous tips, this will help create a positive first impression. Imagine if you were interviewing someone and they showed up looking like a slob. You want to make sure you are not drawing any unwanted attention to your clothes and rather are placing all the focus on the actual interview.

Good Posture:

This mostly has to do with when you sit down and begin the interview. If you are leaning back in your chair or slouched over, this could give off bad vibes to the interviewer. Remember, it is all about creating a good impression with your body language so that they can focus more on your qualifications.

Tell The Truth:

Lying in an interview usually never ends well. Tell the truth from the beginning to help create the impression that you are an upfront and honest person. A question of character is one of the worst things you can do during the interview process.

Turn Off Your Phone:

Playing with your phone during an interview is a big no-no. You should be 100% engaged with the interview. Having your phone go off during the interview is also frowned upon. Just turn it off or put it on silent for the time being.

Come Prepared:

Do your part beforehand and do as much research as you can on the role you are applying for and the background of the company. Having done this you will be more prepared for the interview and come off as a candidate who is seriously interested in the position and worth the investment.

Ask Questions:

This goes along with the previous point of coming in prepared. By asking questions, you are demonstrating your interest as well as determining if the job is right for you. Ask questions and you will be able to keep the interview going for a longer time, giving you more time to impress your potential employer.

All in all, make sure you take care of the little things to set yourself up for success. There may be no one right answer, but if you follow these tips, you have a fighting chance. Good Luck