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The TV often gets a bad rap, but it can’t all be evil, right? Weekends can be long, and when it comes to filling the void, Netflix has an absolute treasure trove of sensational shows to keep you occupied. For streaming fans, this September seems like yet another strong month for Netflix. And the following are some of the reasons why.

Narcos – Season 2

We left 80s drug kingpin, Pablo Escobar, fleeing prison in season one. But, life is about to get tougher in season two. In fact, those who love the show will witness the fall of the infamous Escobar who has been on the run from authorities. It will be interesting to see how the creators of the show deal with Pablo’s fall from glory. Rumor has it, we’ll also get a glimpse of Escobar’s human side in season two. Narcos airs on September 2nd, but don’t forget to binge watch season 1 before you begin.

Easy – Season 1

Joe Swanberg, better known for comedy movies, Digging for Fire and Drinking Buddies will be seen in a comedy series that will make its debut in September. The show that’s slated for September 22, and is to be an anthology series that takes a group of people from Chicago and have them tackling issues such as culture, technology, and love. While we’re still to see what the series looks like, it’s got a great cast, with the likes of Jack Johnson, Orlando Bloom, and Malin Akerman, which makes it promising.

Chef’s Table – Season 3

This cooking show captured the attention of viewers everywhere when it made its debut in 2015. The documentary style series that focuses on some of the most world renowned chefs will hit Netflix on September 2nd. If season 3 is half as good as the previous two, we are in for quite a treat.

Marvel’s Luke Cage – Season 1

Marvel proved to be a powerhouse of entertainment on the big screen and is doing pretty well on TV as well, with Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Agents of Shield. Luke Cage is another feather in Marvel’s cap. It’s easy to see that Luke Cage is going to be huge considering the world Marvel is planning on creating to rival that of DC (*cough* The Defenders *cough*). This will not be the first time we saw Luke Cage either. The superhero made its debut on Marvel’s Jessica Jones where viewers got to see just how badass Cage is. The new series is scheduled to arrive at Netflix on September 30th. And we expect a busy few years ahead from the Marvel camp.

Longmire – Season 5

Those who thought that this beloved series would just be four seasons long were delighted to know that they renewed Longmire for a fifth season. And just like with season four, season 5 will also be shown on Netflix. The thriller starring Lou Diamond Philips continued to be a hit amongst fans who remain delightfully interested in the life of Philips’ character after the demise of his wife. Season five will be release in its entirety on September 23rd on Netflix.