It needs talent, skills, sharp reflexes, and lots of motivation to make it to the professional teams and play alongside some of the greatest names. This means that all the players who are part of international football associations are great in their own way, but then there are those who shine a little brighter than the others from their very first day. Those who have the eyes to spot this pick them up and pay huge sums way to get that star athlete to play for their team, no matter how much the transfer fee is. So, here’s a list of some of the most most-wanted and highest-paid footballers currently in the game:

Paul Pogba:

The worthiness of Pogba has been an on-going debate; whether he is worth the millions which were paid for him or not? Some agree, some disagree, and many believe he should be left to be so that he actually gets a chance to build on is already impressive reputation. He was, however, a major contributor to Juventus’ domination and with time, he is only getting better and better in the position he is playing with Manchester United. He is the most expensive players so far, which means that there must be a great deal of potential in the 23-year old player to be worth such a huge sum.


Givanildo Vieira de Sousa, or as more commonly known as Hulk, is a powerhouse of a footballer, with wicked skills as a forward as well as a winger. He is definitely a great player, which makes him a target of some high profile teams, even though his contract has a buyout clause of £80 million.

Eden Hazard:

Chelsea’s Midfielder is praised for his inventiveness, fast sprint, and technical knowledge. In 2015, Hazard signed a fresh deal with Chelsea for a period of five-and-a-half-years; additionally, the humongous deal is worth 77 million.

Gareth Bale:

Bale was top performer for Tottenham Hotspur and proved his worth to the club, which is why Real Madrid did not hesitate to pay for his move by issuing a gigantic cheque worth £86 million, even more than that paid for Cristiano Ronaldo (which, in itself, was a record breaker 4 years prior to this deal). If that investment has anything to say, Real Madrid sure knows where to put their money. Bale, on his part, did not disappoint and contributed a fair share of great performance in the 2015-16 La Liga season.

Luis Suárez :

Luis Suárez made his transfer from Liverpool to Barcelona in 2014 for £75 million which, to be honest, wasn’t surprising considering the star athlete had scored 31 times for his former team which saw them finish 2nd that season. In Barcelona, his teaming up with Messi and Neymar was the best thing to happen in football 2015.

Gonzalo Huguain:

It was just this year that Huguain made his transfer from Napoli to Juventus for a fee of £75.3 million. He is the recipient of Serie A’s golden boot as a result of his record breaking 36 goals.