Acne is can best be defined as the appearance of red pimples mostly on the face and neck of most young people. It is not only painful but also embarrassing. As if that is not enough, you also have to deal with the acne scars that are left behind after successful treatment of acne, which can negatively affect your confidence and self-esteem. However, all is not lost. There are some items that you can use to help you clear all the acne marks. See below list.

Raw Honey

Raw honey is a natural anti-bacterial agent that helps Ineffective treatment of acne scars. It also reduced inflammation of any new acne pimples and soothed your skin in the process. For best results use raw honey.

Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice contains organic bleaching properties that lighten the acne scars. To effectively get rid of acne scars using lemon juice, squeeze fresh lemon Juice, mix it with an equal amount of water, and apply directly on the affected areas. Do not apply the mixture to the rest of the skin to avoid bleaching. Let the mixture rest on the scars for 20 minutes and then wash it off. Ensure you moisturize your skin after this exercise to keep it hydrated. Lime Juice can also be used instead of the lemon juice.

Aloe Vera

Aloe is known to be an all-around organic treatment for various conditions. These include burns, wounds, and acne scars. This is because it acts as a moisturizer that helps rejuvenate your skin. Apply the Aloe Vera sap directly to the scar to speed up the healing process.

Cortisone Creams

This is an over- the -counter product that can be used to reduce and prevent acne scars altogether. This can be bought from a chemist near you. The most important thing to do before purchasing cortisone cream is to contact your doctor. Establish your skin to avoid further complications on your skin.

Ice cubes

This is a form of cold compress method that you can use to treat your acne scars. It helps reduce any sought of inflammation or redness on the skin. Pick a piece of an ice cube, wrap it in a cloth, and hold it against the acne scars for about two minutes.

Skin lightening creams

Acne scars cause hyperpigmentation on the skin. This pigmentation can be gotten rid of by use of some over the counter lightening creams. These creams contain licorice extracts, vitamin C, mulberry extracts kojic acid, and arbutin. These elements in the lightening creams help remove the acne scars. However, avoid using lightening creams that have hydroquinone.

Retinoid skin products

These categories of products contain vitamin A, which helps the body to get rid of scars. They boost collagen production in the body, which assist in cell regeneration hence quickly clearing the acne scars by producing new fresh skin.

Laser treatment

This is majorly used as a last option after the creams and natural methods. It works in two ways, either by stimulating the growth of the skin by stimulating collagen production, or by vaporizing the scar.

Putting into action the above tips will help you get rid of acne scars. In fact, you gain a better look than what you had before the acne.