Movie enthusiasts have been waiting quite eagerly for Dr. Strange to hit cinemas, ever since the first time they were left mesmerized by the thrilling trailer. The comic fans have been waiting for an even longer time. We can quite safely say that Stephen Strange is on one of the clear-cut heroes of the comics so far. Let’s see what the movie were really about:


His story begins with his simple and straight forward life as a neurosurgeon. However, it soon takes a huge turn from which there is no turning back when he suffers from a dreadful car accident. The event results in severe injuries. However, what makes him heartbroken the most is that his injuries resulted in him damaging his hands’ nerves, making it impossible for him to continue with his profession. In such a hopeless state, Dr. Strange seeks the help of a Delphic enclave, called “Kamar Taj”

Though Strange went to them for the purpose of healing, he soon realizes that this enclave is actually all that stands between us and the dark forces who are bent on destroying reality. Strange gets caught between difficult choices. He can either use his newly discovered powers to fight alongside his saviors or return to his former life as a neurosurgeon; only this time, as the most powerful sorcerer the world has ever seen.

Movie Cast

It is hard not to recognize the actor who is playing the esteemed Dr. Strange. It has been a lucky year for Benedict Cumberbatch, and even luckier for those who enjoy good acting. With his proven talent evident in Sherlock Holmes and The Imitation Game, Cumberbatch has gathered a very large fan following. In fact, we can say that the reason why a large number of people are heading towards cinemas is because of Cumberbatch. Other big names include Tilda Swinton and Rachel McAdams, both of whom who play alongside Cumberbatch.


If the International Movie Data Base has anything to say — which it does —we can definitely say that this movie was a success, having received a whooping rating of 8 for its overall greatness. Also, the movie successfully whitewashed the box office, making a fortune of more than $150 million.

The only negative highlighted by the critics and a fraction of the people was the refusal to light up the movie by casting Asian actors. However, in the movie’s defense, the Marvel’s comics never really encouraged or came up with Asian heroes. Sure there were a few side-kicks and supporting characters, but the lead was never Asian. Apart from a few — which is considered negligible in the movie industry — a large number of people came out of cinema with a wide smile on their faces, which we take as a positive reaction for the movie. The social media is all but spilling with positivity for the movie, and many are even going as far as claiming it to be the best one by Marvel so far.