June 23rd will forever be remembered as the day we all had to Google what Brexit was. In one of recent history’s most surprise decisions, Britain voted to leave the European Union. The buzzword names of Farage, UKIP and Boris each faded into obscurity days after the iconic decision. In the wake of the resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron, one name has been on watch lists to see if she will be taking the reins as British Prime Minister. That name is Theresa May.

59-year-old Theresa May has been one of the most prominent voices in the Brit political scene. She has been touted by a colleague, rather controversially, as a bloody difficult woman. Under different circumstances, sentiments such as those would be met with criticism at best. In Mrs. May’s case, it was seen as a compliment. She has been considered to be the next Margaret Thatcher. Mrs. May’s positions have been seen as having the potential to move Britain to another deserved phase.

1.Women in power.

Theresa May joins a long line of high power women leading from the front. Margaret Thatcher is credited with establishing vital relations with Ronald Reagan. Theresa May has been handed the mantle in making key decisions on what happens with Britain post-Brexit. Her hard stances have been hailed as being decisive and well-thought.

2.History with immigration

Theresa May is a conservative. For years now, the issue of immigration has been a British talking point. As a former Home Secretary, she’s smack dab in the middle of immigration and border controls. Her promise to reduce immigration flopped but it did garner attention in all the right places.

3.Tragic past

For a leader that conducts herself with such poise, Theresa May sure has had turmoil on the home front. Her father, a vicar, passed away in a car crash on his way to work. A few months later, her mother succumbed to multiple sclerosis. Although not in the same tragic tone, she has been open about her battle with Type-1-Diabetes. No matter what she is dealing with, it takes nothing away from Mrs. May’s level-headedness while making decisions.

4.The irony of Brexit

Theresa May was against a British exit from the European Union. She now finds herself tasked with determining the course that Britain will take to maintain their place as a global powerhouse. With such responsibilities, it will be interesting to see the shakes and moves that will eventually lead to a new phase in British history.