In the run up to the United States presidential election, the American people and by extension, the world, have been treated to a profound amount of snide remarks, unconvincing retorts and excellent edits of the nominees comments.  From an initial field of more than 15 candidates, 2 of them have come out as the least favorite front runners for the big seat.

Donald Trump and Democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton got to pick their running mates just recently. Hillary Clinton has not chosen anyone yet, but she courts a strong field of Democrats, key among them, Elizabeth Warren. Warren is well liked in the Democrat circles, and it would be interesting to watch with whom Mrs. Clinton goes.

Donald Trump on the other hand went for Mike Pence. Mike Pence serves as the governor of Indiana, a state that is seen as having tough laws on emotive topics. Earlier this year,  Mike Pence was the face of a law that prohibited abortion based on foetal deformity. From a spectator’s view, it would seem the Trump-Pence alliance is a match made in conservative heaven- or hell.

However, Pence and Trump do not agree on a lot of issues that come brings up varying opinions from the public. Mike maintains that he is, first of all, a Christian. Also, he is conservative, and he is a Republican. Trump, on the other hand, is just Trump.On which stands to these two men differ?

1.Donald’s Muslim Ban

Trump has not been known to shy off from controversy. From suggesting a wall to keep Mexicans out to retweeting dictator quotes, Trump is, to say the least, a colorful figure.He went as far as suggesting that Muslims should carry special identification or get banned. While Mike Pence called this ban ‘offensive and unconstitutional’ he has come out strongly against the resettlement of Syrian refugees in the states. He has also called for stricter immigration laws. After he had got the VP call, he did support Trump’s stand on the wall issue.

2.Trans-Pacific Partnership

Trump went as far as calling the TPP ‘the rape of our country.’ He has been a strong opponent of the partnership, viewing it as the exploitation by selfish individuals. Mike Pence, on the other hand, has supported free trade. He has welcomed the idea of the TPP, saying that trade would mean more jobs and more security.

Trump and Pence differ on the way in Iraq but hold equally conservative views on gun rights and tax cuts.

3.The Ted Cruz Endorsement

Mike Pence had previously endorsed Ted Cruz. In classic fashion, Donald Trump spun the whole thing to be about himself, laughing off the endorsement as really his. He insisted that from the speech, you can tell that Mike Pence was endorsing him.

Mike Pence holds aspirations for the presidency, and if Donald Trump becomes president, he may have to show support for Trump’s authoritarian views.