Depression is not a condition to be neglected or ignored. When you see a family member, a friend or any person who is collapsing inside themselves, getting lost in their own emotions, and finding it hard to pull themselves out of the despair, it’s a clear sign that they need help. You need to get them to the doctor pronto. However, to expedite the curing process and to help your friend manage their depression in a much better way, you can help them too by using some of these surprising cures:


Pets have long been declared to be a good cure for depression. Many patients suffering from depression also feel miserable because they are lonely. It might hurt you to realize that they cannot talk to you, but try not to take it personally. Sometimes, all they need is a companion, a non-judging, happy-spirited companion, which pets seem to do a great job of. It is not exactly easy to explain, but pets help depressed people feel a sense of companionship. Their presence alone gives them a calming feeling.  The sense of responsibility of taking care of another being also helps them escape from their own thoughts and serve as a distraction.

Growing Plants:

Growing fruits, vegetables and other kind of plants provides a much needed distraction, not to mention the soothing affect in its monotonous sort of procedure. Additionally, the fruitful results are like a breeze of fresh air for a depressed person. Most doctors advise patients to use gardening as a therapy. Growing plants has a curative effect on the mental health and also helps in growing closer to nature, which in itself is another uplifting course of action. Also, growing plants compels a depressed person to get out of bed, to work, and to move their fingers and feet, boosting their endorphin levels and thus, helping with depression.

Talking to people:

Many depressed people seem to be drawn away from their closed ones; therefore, things begin to look dark and bleak. Many people take it as a sign that depressed people do not want to engage with people. However, this is not true; in fact, engaging with people does help, considering who they are engaging with. Group therapies, or talking to people who are going through a similar condition, help a depressed person tremendously. It helps open up their minds and widens their perspective. Just sitting among people and listening to them can do wonders for a patient’s mental health. Book clubs, knitting groups, and other group therapies help with depression too.

Physical activity:

All the thought and turmoil inside the head doesn’t always have to come out in the form of words. Sometimes, physical exertion and exercising helps largely when dealing with depression. Calming exercises, such as yoga, or sweating exercises, such as running or boxing, effects brain chemicals. It results in the secretion of norepinephrine and serotonin which alters mood and helps in alleviating temperament.


Writing your thoughts on paper is an excellent form of therapy. It not only helps the depressed ones in healing themselves, but also improves their writing skills.

These methods are much more friendly and therapeutic than mind-numbing medicines.