NCAAThis is the big question people are beginning to ask as the NCAA continues to exploit it’s student athletes. The argument is made by them that paying a student athlete’s education is their way of ‘compensation’.

The issue is that many top recruit athletes are not invested in their education and want to use their athletic talent to compensate for their career. They are not invested in their education, so they get nothing out of it. Rather, they put the health of their bodies on the line and get nothing in return.

It is time to revisit the issue and find a better way to handle the situation. Athletes should be able to use their talent to create some sort of compensation. This will make sure that they are getting something in return and they are not being completely exploited.

The NCAA is one of the few institutions (if not the only) that pays nothing for their most valuable employees (the players). Until something is done to mitigate the situation and better represent the players, there will always be this debate. The NCAA is the country’s greatest labor scandal and something MUST be done to fix it.