President Obama announced that he supports an expansion to social security, a view that is different than the one he took in the 2012 presidential election.

According to an article done by the Huffington Post, “this announcement represents a major evolution in the president’s public position on Social Security and a coup for the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, which increasingly views benefits expansion as a core element of its agenda.”

During the 2012 election, he told voters that he and Mitt Romney had similar views when it came to social security. He was open to making cuts to make it a more affordable entitlement program. Now, he is coming out for an expansion, showing his shift to the left on the issue.

He wishes to increase the retirement benefits for the program. How will he pay for it? By increasing taxes on the wealthiest Americans of course. Obama is showing his support for the progressive wing of the Democratic party as he tries to push for more liberal government programs.

This increase in benefits is a view shared by Democratic front-runner Hilary Clinton. Is this an attempt to show support for Clinton and her views as she aims to move on to the general election against Republican Donald Trump?

One can only assume as much.