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Republicans Who Refused To Support President Trump


Trump Wins Presidency Despite Opposition From Fellow Republicans


And the 45th President of the United States is… Donald Trump? It is no secret that President-elect Trump had a lot of opposition in his run-up to winning the November presidential race. Despite this, Trump was able to capture key battle-ground states, turn deep blue states red, and win majorities in both the houses of Congress.

So who did not support President-elect Trump? During his primary Republican campaign, GOP nominee Donald Trump made quite a number of enemies – including some from his own Republican Party. Even after he was nominated by his own party, Trump found it difficult to unify the party and gain full support from his Republican counterparts. Several major Republican figures publicly opposed the now President-elect and labeled him as a threat to western democracy.

A majority of Americans found it highly unlikely that he would pull of the upset of a lifetime. Financial markets were preparing for a Clinton presidency for weeks, anticipating higher taxes and more regulation. Major newspapers gave Secretary Clinton an 85% chance of winning. The odds were stacked against him.

Now that President-elect Trump has proven America and the rest of the world wrong, we decided to compile a list of all the Republicans who refused to support him throughout his journey towards the presidency. The list includes people who either refused to vote for him or refused to endorse him and show public support. It remains to be seen who will accept the call of the nation and begin to work with him to “make America great again”.

Click through the gallery below to discover which major Republicans refused their support!