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As we feel increasingly threatened by expanding technology, it should come as some relief that all the proverbial swords of online bad guys aren’t pointed at us, sometimes we get to do some cool bad guy sword pointing as well. The only problem is, we don’t always realize when a certain action of ours can be classified as illegal. So, here are some of the cyber crimes that you may have committed unknowingly.

Accessing Someone Else’s Wi-Fi

You just remembered something important, you whip out your phone, tap the words in Google, and get slapped with a no connection error. Bummer! So, what do you do? Browse for local connection, is one option, maybe even take a guess at a password of someone else’s Wi-Fi network. Thanks to an endless supply of stupidity and people’s unexplainable fondness to use easy passwords, there’s a good chance that you will be successful in getting access to someone’s private Wi-Fi without their permission. If you do, congratulations, you have just violated federal law. While it is unlikely that you will get thrown in jail, That is, if you haven’t done anything expressly illegal, there are some states that have classified the unauthorized use of someone else’s Wi-Fi as a form of theft which is punishable. For those who think that using someone else’s Wi-Fi cannot possibly be enough to get shanked in the prison yard one day, there have been cases where people have been slapped with fines and arrested for using someone’s wireless internet without permission.

Posting Pictures Online

There’s nothing wrong with posting pictures online, if they are yours. It would not be a good idea to add a picture of some hapless dunk on your personal blog that was shared by your favorite playah. If you do, you could potentially create a liability for yourself because the owner of the picture could possibly sue you. Especially, if the person who owns the photo is able to prove that you knew that you did not have the right to go ahead and publish said photo, but did it anyway. If you have made this mistake, don’t waste any time and delete the photograph, both from your website, and from your browser history to avoid getting into hot water.    

Gambling Online   

Online gambling is something that almost every guy is familiar with, since we all lay the occasional wager of our favorite football/baseball/basketball team. Many of us even go ahead and enjoy a game of poker online to pass the time. But, that’s only if you’re a resident of New Jersey or Delaware. While internet gambling is growing, it’s not expanding in the US. So, before you start barreling, consider that you are breaking federal anti-gambling laws in your State. That also includes if you’ve ever put money on a friend’s fantasy league or a March Madness pool at the office.