Drones have been in the news and on people’s mouth a bit too often in the recent past. The majority of citizens seem to have questions rather than answers about the rapidly rising technology. People want to know how drones will impact businesses, whether they will violate privacy, if companies can use drones and so much more. The governments are working hard to come up with regulations that will ensure no harm is done by incorporating drones into our lives. Below are some of the potential advantages and disadvantages of drone technology to business if fully adopted.


  1. Better for the Environment

Drones pose a much lower risk to the environment.  If a company opts to use drones for their delivery services, the environment will remain safe since drones do not emit the gasses that delivery trucks emit. This means that the ozone layer will continue to be safe and businesses will be operating in an environmentally friendly manner.

  1. Physical Access to Hard to Reach Places

Other than saving the environment, if drones are used for transport, businesses will have the ability to dispatch goods to the remotest of areas. The terrain of the road would not matter. Distance will also not be so much a factor since drones move through the air. The ability of a business to get its goods to remote places will lead to increased sales for them and consequently increased profits.

  1. Business Growth

Drones can be applied to many types of businesses. May it be photography, transport et cetera.  Due to the advanced technology of drones, when they are applied to these firms, trade is likely to boom leading to business growth. Better quality photos and efficient transport will lure customers.

  1. Positive Economic Impact

Use of drones by business will have a positive economic impact on the country. The positive influence will be as a result of the number of people that will be employed in manufacturing companies to assist in the making of the drones. Employed people have bigger purchasing power so they will improve the economy and increase sales for businesses. Companies perform well in an economy where people have a high purchasing power.


  1. Privacy Concerns

To navigate properly, drones rely on GPS and a camera. The camera records all that it comes across. This means that if a drone delivers products to your house, it will record the location of your home and your face. If this information is taken by would be law breakers, then it can be used to harm you.  This will make people shy away from businesses that have adopted the technology.

  1. Legal Issues

Depending on the guidelines that will be put by the relevant government bodies, the cost of the permits and time required to get the license might affect the businesses negatively. The probability is quite high that stringent regulations will be brought forward, and the cost of the license will be quite high thus it might lead to a company increasing its operational costs and spending most of their time trying to keep up with the regulations.

Whether the drone technology will be used by businesses worldwide is something that is still a mystery. Although there might be a few concerns, the drones will revolutionize trading in the world.