Chelsea Victoria Clinton, the daughter to the Clintons, must have an interesting view of family. The now 36-year old has had a front row seat to her father’s rise to the helm as United States president. She was no more than two years old when her father became Arkansas governor and by the time she was 12, he was descending from his last term as governor of the southeastern state.

The former Georgetown University class president had a knack for finding himself as the leader of the pack such as in Oxford’s Vietnam war protests and the demonstrations to end the Vietnam war. In 1974, an ambitious young lady was making great strides in the fight for the rights of children. That woman’s name was Hillary Rodham Clinton. A year later, Hillary Rodham, who had reservations about marriage, was married to Bill Clinton.

The union of Hillary and Bill saw both of them forge strong paths in political circles. Although Bill’s presidency was seen by some as a success, it was still marred by scandals. One scandal may have strengthened the two as a power couple, but the other threatened to disintegrate their family. The Monica Lewinsky scandal happened two decades after both Hillary and Bill were acquitted on all charges in the Whitewater case. 1998 saw allegations surface that Bill Clinton had been seeing a 22-year old State House employee, Monica Lewinsky. In the same year, Bill Clinton was the 2nd US president to be impeached, but the vote fell short by 17 senators.

Bill Clinton and his vice president, Al Gore were tasked with the responsibility of easing the outcomes of a questionable Bush Senior presidency. In 1993, a year after Time Magazine named him Man of the Year, he made tough calls that may have contributed to the nation’s current position. From authorizing the Mogadishu war to signing NAFTA to create the world’s largest trade free zone, Bill Clinton was making some serious moves.

Now, 30 years later, Former and possible 2-time First daughter, Chelsea watches as her dad gives support to mom as she moves ever closer back to the White House. Bill has been vocal in Hillary’s campaign most recently coming out to endorse Virginia Senator, Tim Kaine. He has visited different places to drum support for his wife. This would be the first time in the states that both husband and wife get a shot at the hot seat. The next several months will prove to be a vigorous test for the Clintons as they take on the unpredictable Donald Trump. He remains the only thing between Hillary and the Oval Office.