Narcissism is often thought of as a negative personality trait that is not a beneficial quality for a job like the Presidency of the United States. Counter-intuitively, aspects of a narcissistic personality are extremely beneficial for authoritative and leadership positions. Teddy RooThose traits align with those expected in the job description of the Presidency.

Narcissism traditionally is considered a negatively valenced term for individual’s personality and typically people who would be considered narcissistic will exhibit personality traits such as grandiosity, exploitation, and manipulation.

While all of this may seem to be a bad thing, research has shown that presidents are more effective running the country utilizing these same traits that are seen as negative. Donald Trump may seem to be the opposite of what America needs as their next leader. The question now remains could Donald, as other presidents have in the past, rule using their narcissistic tendencies to make America GREAT Again?Donald