boy-on-his-way-to-school_rew7dj Having kids means always having your hands full. There is always something to do. You just got done tidying the living room, only to have the kids make a mess in their own room. However, parents universally agree that things are the most hectic during school mornings. Everyone is rushing to be at one place or the other.

You as a parent have to be at your most vigilant. You have to wake yourself up to wake the kids up, to dress them up, to serve them breakfast, prepare their lunch and get them out of the door so that they reach school on time. A blessing would be to have a partner who is co-operative and believes in helping you out a little here. With so many things to do during school mornings and such little time to do it, here are some tips to help you manage your School Morning Dill Routine more efficiently:

-Sleep Early to Wake up Early:

What is that one thing which most parents wished they had during a school morning?  More time! Why not try sleeping early to wake up early so you have an extra set of 20 minutes to yourself. In those extra 20 minutes you can prepare everybody’s lunch before you go wake them up. If not that, then you can spend that time straightening things around the house a little.

Just because you are a parent, does not mean you should compromise on your sleep. So for those extra 15-20 minutes, try going to bed early as well.

Identifying Bad Habits:

Inculcate the same habit of sleeping early in your kids too! Make it a point that your kids do not stay up late watching television or playing games on their tabs on school nights. Set a proper sleeping schedule for your kids to follow. You may also consider giving them small rewards, like taking them out for an ice-cream on weekends, for going to bed on time without being fussy.

If the kids sleep in early they will be well rested in the morning. This would translate them into being less difficult (read: cranky) and more willing to follow your instructions. Additionally if they have had a full night’s sleep, they would be less reluctant towards getting out of the bed, too.

Preparing the Night Before:

If you are a night owl and cannot possibly fathom going to bed before at least midnight then we suggest you prepare for the next school morning to come the night before. Like for example, instead of rushing about ironing your kid’s uniform/school clothes in the morning iron them before going to bed. Additionally, ask your kids to have their school bags all set and ready before they hit the bed. This way when they wake up the next morning, they won’t be looking for their now suddenly missing stationery box while you tap your feet impatiently.

Hopefully by following these super simple 3 tips, you can manage those school mornings a little bit better.