Traditions are great and people do practice them, especially when it comes to the big events of their lives like their wedding. Several wedding traditions have been in practice since a long time but it is only recently that people have started skipping some of them or they twist them a bit according to their likings and conveniences. There is nothing wrong in doing so because after all, it is the biggest day of your life and everything should mean something to you.

While people have been giving new looks to wedding traditions, there are many who misinterpret them and consider them as disobedience and disrespect for the culture and traditions. But modern wedding traditions do not mean what you think they do and this article attempts to explain this very point. Take a look to know the real motives behind some modern wedding traditions:

Not to Wear the Engagement Ring

Many brides now refuse to wear engagement rings because they feel that it is anti-feminist. Why do they need to wear a symbol and let the world know that they are taken?

Sending Invites via Email

While many modern day couples do opt for sending email invitations to their guests because they are low on budget or want to save money for some other more important work, some people are concerned about the environment too. Therefore, they always look for greener ways to get things done and not give up on it, even on their wedding.   

Not Asking Guests to Pick Sides

Traditionally, guests were asked to either take the bride’s side or the groom’s side to be seated at the wedding ceremony. However, many people are now avoiding this tradition simply because it is not needed. The ceremony is to celebrate the union, so why take sides? Also, you would not need to ask a friend or a family member to take up the role of an usher.

Not Wearing a Veil

There have been various symbolic interpretations of wearing the wedding veil. One of the most popular one is to ward off the evil spirits. Another reason was to prevent the groom and the bride from seeing each other before exchanging their final vows. There are many reasons why many modern brides do not wear it. Some of them are:

  • It does not go with their wedding dress.
  • Some brides feel that wearing a veil and a blusher that the groom lifts after the exchange of vows makes them feel objectified, as a bride said:

“It seemed to me that a veil is connected to being seen as a package, something to be given away on her wedding day.”

  • Wearing a veil is impractical on modern day destinations and beach weddings.
  • Wearing Colors

Traditionally, the bride wore a white dress on her wedding day to symbolize her innocence and virginity. In addition to the fact that many brides feel offended by the idea of symbolizing their innocence and purity by their wedding dress, many do not wear it for much simple reasons; such as, they do not like white, they want to be different and unique or because they want to be dressed in their favorite color on their BIG DAY.