Remember when people thought Donald Trump was going to be a breath of fresh air in the United States questionable history of presidents? No? Well, Mark Cuban did. In July 2015, CNN reported that Mark Cuban said “Donald Trump is the best thing to happen to politics in a long time. I don’t care what his positions are.” Then again, in 2015, the possibility of a Trump presidency was nothing more than peripheral fodder for comedy shows.

Oh, how things change.

There are billionaires, and then there are billionaires who turn down your pitch in such a relatable manner that you take pride in having a failed pitch. Mark Cuban is the latter. Apart from being a Guinness Book of Records record holder, Mr. Cuban is also the owner of basketball giant Dallas Mavericks. Part of his billions has gone into funding other companies, some of which have happened on the hit show, The Shark Tank.

Until recently, Mark Cuban had not chipped in with an opinion on the 2016 United States presidential race. Save for that comment about Trump, the billionaire with the cool demeanor had remained rather silent on the issue. However, when he went in, he sure showed those shark teeth. The gloves were off, and Cuban was going for the jugular.

During his 30th of July endorsement of Democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton, Mark skirted around his history of entrepreneurship before taking a dig at Donald Trump’s worst kept secret, that he got a million dollars from daddy so he could start a business. “…jobs won’t be created by terrifying people. No Donald Trump…”. In a video interview with Bloomberg, Mark Cuban goes on, calling Trump out on his fear campaign. Cuban went on to throw those head punches but the Sugar Ray left hook to Trump’s temple was when Cuban called him a jerk off. Ouch. Mark even went as far as saying that due to Trump clear lack of knowledge on policy, he would be a puppet president.

In separate occasions, Cuban has labeled Trump lazy and calling his candidacy a candidacy about nothing. On a personal level, though, Trump and Cuban have worked together on a project, and the 2 billionaires do enjoy cordial relations with each other.

With all these opinions, why doesn’t Mark Cuban consider a run at the presidency?

The question of Mark Cuban, who identifies as mostly libertarian, having a go at the big seat has been explored. Although he had welcomed the idea of being either Hillary’s or Trump’s VP, he responded by shooting it down citing family issues and time constraints. Perhaps by looking at outgoing President Barrack Obama, he said he did not want to put his 6-year-old son through ‘such a grind.’ This coming from a man who has taken a basketball team from almost a non-entity to a serious contender is strong, and it would be a very interesting case study were he to dip his toes into the presidential waters.