Remember when you were so excited for that costume party and when you showed up, you were quite out of place in your mummy costume? Or when you were in front of the whole group at the department meeting, about to present your well-prepared and thought out idea for managing workplace efficiency, and a sudden bout of the hiccups came on? Or how about when you just gave up five runs on five hits and two walks, and you’re on your way back to the dugout having just scraped together a shaky three outs?

The first thing to realize is that things like these happen to everyone of us, from Leonardo DiCaprio to Meek Mill, and that we all have a certain understanding of what it feels like to make a mistake. Whether embarrassed, anxious, or just feeling down from failure, the choice we have comes in how we handle ourselves during this vulnerable moment in time. There are ways to even capitalize on your mistakes, sometimes giving you even more of a productive effort than if things had gone to plan.

Embrace your mistake

Don’t forget that everyone has made a mistake before and they know exactly how you feel; if you encounter hostility or negative interaction from others, they are probably even more afraid of making a mistake than you are. So go with it, make it a talking point, be that guy. This will result in positive attention instead of negative, which can make your mistake into an incredibly productive decision.

Use humor

Showing your insecurity or fear will mirror with your audience, but letting them know that you are okay with what is happening will make them feel more at ease, more willing top be on your side and intimate with you. Make your mistake a mood lightener, a way to get the shakes out of the way, an icebreaker of sorts. There’s nothing people admire more than seeing someone rebound from their mistake; it is an innate feeling, a desire to be more like you if you are able to recoup despite a slip up. So show some humor.

Lastly, be gracious but learn

Letting the heat of the moment get to you with the emotions of embarrassment and hurt pride egging you on will only fog up your head. Go over in your head what led to your mistake and how you can possibly remedy the situation, and then also how you can prepare in order to prevent the mistake from recurring.

It happens to everyone, but rebounding quickly and smoothly is always the right option to go with!