The feud between Taylor Swift and Kim K/Kanye West traces its roots all the way back to 2008. The journey to date has been one that has had a lot of ups and downs. The feud was originally between Taylor and Kanye, and it is only later that Kim K became part of it.  Her role in the “drama” has been that of a supportive wife. It is clear that she has been good at it with regards to the latest events that happened relating to the feud, where she displayed Taylor Swift as a liar.

The most recent feud between Kim K and Taylor has been brewing since the release of the song Famous by Kanye West in his latest album, and it is only now that it exploded. All had been well between the two parties before the song to the point that it seemed that they all would get along for a long time. Kanye was working hard to impress Taylor as evidenced by him sending flowers to her after she won video of the year. Taylor also played her part in growing the new found friendship by openly stating in an interview that she was happy with the evolution of her relationship with Kanye. According to her, the peace between her and Kanye was the best thing to have happened to her career. The song Famous changed all that.

Taylor branded the song as derogatory and offensive. This was because she felt that a lyric in the song referring to her was disrespectful. As a response to the statement, Kanye went on Twitter and posted that he had consulted Taylor about the lyric, and she gave him her blessings. Later, Taylor’s publicist made an official statement to say that Kanye did not call Taylor consequently making him seem like a liar. At the 2016 Grammys, Taylor appeared to implicate Kanye West in her speech. Kanye did not take this well and neither did Kim K.

In an interview with GQ, Kim K did not only express her anger about Taylor saying that she had no idea about the lyrics, but she also promised to release a video recording of the call Kanye made to Taylor regarding the lyrics. She decided to make good on her threats on the 18th of July 2016, just before the airing of the KUWTK show.

She started by first requesting that people follow her on Snapchat and then posted on Twitter that there was a huge difference between shading someone and speaking the truth. She then uploaded Snapchats to her story, showing the video of Kanye discussing the lyrics on the phone with Taylor. The transcripts of the video recording show Kanye are saying that he felt that he had the responsibility to let Taylor know about the lyrics and that he valued their relationship.

Taylor took to her Instagram and uploaded a statement claiming that she did not know that Kanye would refer to her as a “bitch” in the song and that she had not heard the song before it was released. Kanye has not commented since the Snapchats were uploaded, but it is clear that the war between Kanye/Kim K and Taylor is back on.