With the remarkable decision of Kevin Durant to play for the Golden State Warriors, we will probably see a 73-win team struggle to distribute the offensive touches early in the year. In any case, inside the West, the scale has swung unthinkably far towards a 73-win team that also included three All-Stars. If they can figure out how to share the ball, I think it is safe to say they are the favorites to win it all.

Warriors have become the favorite team to win the championship next year as they will now have two former MVPs on the court at the same time.

Effects on NBA

As many of the teams in the East have pushed hard to improve their performance, none has surpassed the Cavs and King James. And as we can probably already predict, the Cavs will be facing the Warriors AGAIN in the NBA Finals. This will be the third time in a row, showing us all how awesome and diverse the NBA is.

With the decision of Kevin Durant, San Antonio has fallen even further behind the Warriors despite finishing last season with 67-wins. The LA Clippers seem to have maintained their core players along with an outstanding coaching staff. Obviously the Thunder will fall off (unless Westbrook thrives from being the center piece), and James Harden has lost his favorite big man in Houston. 

The warriors can win in the West but it does not mean that they can break the 73 regular season victories. 

Bargaining agreement

The league’s association instituted strict limitations in the case of collective bargaining agreement that included restricted financial penalties for those teams that are spending more than the luxury tax line. This step was taken to provide the small market team a better chance to compete on the court.

This will enhance equality among the teams, as certain players are so good that when they are gathered in the same team, their chance of victory is doubled. Therefore, you must keep in mind that this decision of Kevin Durant to leave the small market Oklahoma City for the big market Warriors has not been appreciated by the rest of the league.

On the court

Just like when LeBron first went to Miami, these players will have to get used to one another before they can really begin to dominate their opponents. Incorporating four all-stars on one team is not going to be an easy job. It is up to Steve Kerr and the coaching staff to make the right moves from here.