The Little Mermaid’s Original Movie Cover


If you found out you were going to be fired from Disney, you might have done the same. In this hidden Disney scandal, the artist fashioned one of the pillars of the castle into a gleaming gold penis. After the VHS was distributed to the public, the artist notified the press. Disney had to re-do all of the covers and re-release them to the public. Not before people got their hands of a few that would turn into a collector’s item.

The Topless Woman in The Rescuers


As Bernard and Bianca are flying through the city, they fly by many windows in the city. One of these windows is open to a topless woman. Disney recalled the movie, but you can still get a peep show in the original version of the film.

Scandal in the Night Sky of The Lion King

lion king

In the scene where Simba lays down on the cliff, the dust in the sky forms the word “SEX” for a fleeting moment. You’ll have to keep a good eye out for it and you might even need to pause the movie to notice it.

The Lion King’s Cheeky Movie Poster

lion king

Some say the facial outline of Mufasa on The Lion King looks like the outline of a woman’s cheeky derriere. You’ll never be able to look at this movie poster the same way again once you see it.

The Little Mermaid’s Erect Minister


During the wedding between Ursula (disguised as Ariel) and Eric, the minister appears to have a prominent erection while he is reading the wedding vows aloud. Disney said it was the minister’s knee, but that’s just not a logical explanation when you look at the minister’s body build. Many years later, animators who had been involved in the film came forward and confessed to the intentional perverse animation slip.