There usually isn’t an environment more conducive to growth and development than that which goes on inside the four walls of a home with multiple siblings, and identical exposure to whatever it is that their respective family values.  It could be music, or academics, but in many cases sports manages to shoulder itself to the forefront in some capacity. In the case of Major League baseball players, both Kyle and Corey Seager can be packaged into that stereotype and are happy to admit as much.  Like the Lindros brothers in the NHL, the Manning brothers in the NFL, and the Lopez brothers in the NBA, the common denominator is undoubtedly a penchant for athletics.

It starts in the home with all natural, organic, home grown competitive juices that are part of the DNA, not only of every true blooded athlete, but every athlete that has a sibling who also competes in the same sport that they do.

The Seager brothers are no different. The parents devoted their son’s lives to extra curricular activities. With this they were able to combine the values learned from working on the family farm perfectly with team sports. This forced them to push one another to excellence on the athletic field and in life. 

Kyle, who is more than six years ahead of Corey, paved the way for the rest of the brothers, getting his call in to the majors in 2011.  A multi sport athlete in high school out of Kannapolis, NC (between Charlotte and Greensboro), Kyle settled on baseball for obvious reasons. The now All-Star and Golden Glove recipient at third base, can boast a multi year deal with $100M guaranteed.

Now at the age of 27, he is working on his 5th consecutive 20 HR campaign. The only question still floating around revolves on whether or not he has reached his ceiling.  If youngest brother Corey’s output is any indication, the answer is a resounding no.

The youngest of three, Corey, had the advantage of watching his two older brothers move up the ranks. Starting at the Little League World Series, high school, college, and the minor leagues, Corey was able to learn from within his own kin and take away valuable lessons. 

Though the youngest Seager doesn’t quite have the accolades of the oldest Seager (yet), the hype machine has been dialed up to full capacity.  A high school phenom in the state of NC, Corey Seager was offered over $2M by the Dodgers to turn down his scholarship at South Carolina (who was in the midst of back-to-back National titles) and jump directly into their farm system. 

Fast forward to 2016 and Corey Seager is right in the middle of his first full season in the majors, and we are loving every second of it. He made it as a reserve on the NL All Star team (although he should have been starting over Cubs SS Addison Russell), and even participated in the HR Derby.

Mom and Dad Seager are now handed the challenge of keeping up with their two sons on two different MLB rosters.  Both parents have had to get creative just watch their sons play, including stacking TVs on top of each other and sleeping between ABs, but that’s how it’s always been growing up a Seager. For now, we will continue to admire the brothers as they continue their professional careers.