Money and rich people, you can’t separate the two. Unless, of course, you’re talking about being spiritually rich (which we’re not!). It seems that while the rest of us poor folk waste our time reading get-rich-quick blogs and watch the rest of the country participate in a gesticulating mess of a screed, the rich continue to light their cigars with crumpled-up hundreds trying to figure out what the rest of us are complaining about. But, as they say, “the higher you get, the farther you fall.” Here’s a list of some extremely rich people who fell…really, really hard. It’s safe to say that these heirs to royalty don’t have enough dough to get their tooth crowned.

Prince Bayazid – The Last Heir of the Ottoman Empire

The Ottomans ruled over a vast empire that spanned across three continents for over 650 years. All that came to a screeching halt in 1924 when the National Assembly abolished the Ottoman Caliphate, gave them a one-way ticket out of Turkey and told them never to return, as in, “hit the road Jack.” What most people don’t know is that the heir to the throne of the Ottoman Empire is still alive today. His name is Prince Bayazid, and wait for it…he worked as a Librarian at the New York Public Library. While Bayazid’s job application was initially rejected because of the foreign name, the decided to give him a shot when they found out he knew 15 languages. So, they made him a translator instead and Prince Bayazid translated many documents that were stored in the Library, including Armenian ones. You’ll just won’t find his name on any of them because the Library thought that it would be a bad idea to put a Turkish translator’s name on Armenian documents. The prince worked at the library for 45 years before retiring and lives in New York.

Yi Won – Last Emperor of Korea

For those of you who didn’t know, Korea has a royal family too, even though it does not bestow any titles on the heads of its royal family. What that means is, Yi Won, the adopted son of the last ruler, Yi Gu who died in 2005 does not live in a castle. Instead, the heir who should have been crowned Korean emperor worked at the general manager for Hyundai’s Home Shopping Network. So, the crown prince actually makes money hawking goods online.

Pu Yi – Last Emperor of China

Pu Yi was crowned the emperor of China when he was just two years old. That title however was taken away from him before he reached his teens, but in a bizarre The-Truman-Show-like manner, that little fact was kept from him. Pu Yi was kept in seclusion in his palace with many servants who played out a fantasy kingdom, until he found out the hard way ten years later. Pu Yi was sent to prison where he was labeled Prisoner No. 981 and was made assistant gardener by the Communist Party.

Sultana Begum – the great-granddaughter-in-law of the Last Mughal Emperor

At its peak, the Mughal Empire rules over nearly one-quarter of the world’s population, that’s a lot. While many believe that the Mughals just vanished after the British took over India, well, that would be wrong. But not as wrong what happened to the great granddaughter in law of the last Mughal emperor who is claimant to the throne. Sultana Begum, who married Bedar Bukht, who was the real heir to the throne lives in a shack in a slum and receives a political pension of 400 rupees a month, which is roughly equivalent to around $6. Her husband, Bukht who is now dead, lived his life in hiding in fear of getting caught and imprisoned by the British, and reportedly sold charms for a living.