In a Twitter rant, conservative party member Marybeth Glenn is furious as to why men won’t denounce Trump when women are specifically targeted by him. Not only that, she has a message for them too. Marybeth Glenn says that she is a Coolidge Conservative who is hooked to politics, Christian apologetics, Phil Collins, Ravi Zacharias and Ray Bradbury. According to Glenn, she mostly votes for republicans, is against the idea of higher government control and won’t hesitate to rebuke either side if they become power hungry. She proved a part of that by fleeing Donald Trump’s campaign like the plague amongst other women who did the same.

After Trump’s audio was leaked where he was having an extremely lewd conversation with Billy Bush, the former host of Access Hollywood, everyone is looking at the National Political Party to see their reaction to what was said by the man they want to see become the president of the nation. The story was posted by David Fahrenthold from the Washington Post. In the conversation, Trump brags about hitting on women and women responding because of his social status and “groping” their intimate parts. He also mentioned hitting on married women who he was only interested in having sex with. He also concluded the story with “you can do anything.”

The first person to react to the whole thing was Illinois’s Senator Mark Kirk, who tweeted suggesting that Trump drop out, calling him a “malignant clown” and unfit to be the president. However, Kirk had always been an enemy and his comment was nothing out of the blue.

However, Marybeth Glenn did not hold back and called men in the party out on their silence. She started her rant by talking about how she had always defended men against claims of sexism. She said that she did it all for the movement she believed in. Glenn even mentioned how she was bullied to be against sexism. She further said that, “Now some Trojan horse nationalist sexual predator invades the GOP, eating it alive, and you cowards sit this one out?” She called them cowards and said that women who have left the campaign do not need men to stand up for them and that men should do it for the sake of their own dignity and that how could those who do not agree with his comments still be willing to vote for the candidate. Glenn’s reaction was caused by men in the movement calling the whole Trump ordeal as normal and nothing close to Trump’s description of “groping” as assault.

Glenn concluded her words by saying that such men deserved all charges of sexism thrown at them and that one by one, their actions or inability to react to such acts will have both women and men of character to leave their cause. In her own words, “…all you’ll have left is the party The Left always accused you of being.” With a very accurate closing tweet that spelled the one word to sum it all up; “scum.”