Extreme Weight LossFor a lot of people who are trying to lose weight, they reach a point in time when they plateau and stop making gains towards their goals. According to WebMD, weight loss plateaus are normal and should not be alarming. There are certain steps you can take to overcome this challenge. If you have already cleaned up your diet and have been exercising routinely, try this technique.

  • Step One: For the first three days of the extreme diet, you will drink two gallons of water each day. You will not eat any carbs. Only lean meats (turkey breast and tuna) with an unlimited amount of cruciferous veggies (broccoli).
  • Step Two: For the next three days, drop the amount of water from two gallons to just one per day. Also, switch up the meats to more steak, chicken, and buffalo meat. Continue eating an unlimited amount of veggies.
  • Step Three: For the last day, cut your water intake to just a half gallon of water. At this point in time, you may begin to include clean carbs into your diet.

This seven day diet will shock your system and should allow you to pick back up on your weight loss goals. You can play around with the amount of days if you’d like, extending the first two steps by a couple days. Once you have completed the extreme diet, you should be able to go back to your normal eating habits (that is if you had a clean diet to begin with). Remember, in order to effectively lose weight, there is no ultimate secret other than dieting and routine exercise. Good Luck!