Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Award known as the ESPY’s may not be known the world over, as compared to other awards, but that takes nothing away from its glitz and glamour. The yearly event is meant to fete exceptional sportspeople. One of the features of the ESPYs is that the winners are voted for by fans on online platforms, choosing from a list of nominees.

The 2016 ESPYs, hosted by pro-wrestler John Cena, were not short of interesting moments. Cleveland Cavaliers walked away with five awards, including Best Male athlete and best team. Still keeping with the Cavs, guard J.R. Smith had to issue an apology for not including fiancé Jewel in his speech. He credited the lack of mention to nerves during the speech.

However, away from the fanfare and the shiny awards, the most spoken about moment of the ESPYs came from the red carpet. As usual, the red carpet was awash with pleasant responses for the usual questions. Then in came Olympic skier, Lindsey Vonn.

Hannah storm was interviewing the back to back ESPY winner for NFL defensive player, J.J Watt. Despite J.J battling a myriad of injuries through the season, the Houston Texans player still managed to come back and scoop the defensive player accolade. Hannah Storm led the interview with raising the issue of if  J.J attended Lindsey’s pool party. J.J kept his calm demeanour saying that he was on a photo shoot- and whatever exceptional players are up to post recovery. Lindsey Vonn got rather touchy feely with J.J; visibly squeezing his bicep and retorting the point he just made. If this action got JJ uncomfortable, the man hid it like a pro.

Storm also managed to skid past that by asking how the star was able to shrug off the injuries and put up more than impressive performances. J.J responded rather curtly saying, “I have a very good training staff and great teammates. That’s what it all comes down to”.  Rather modest stuff, yes?

And then comes Lindsey Vonn.

Just as soon he was done with the response, Lindsey added: “as well as lots of massages…in the groin area.” Wait a minute, what? Hannah Storm must have been exclamating in her head, going, excuse me? But..but… However, J.J laughed the sentiment off, taking it rather well. Storm did try to do damage control by bringing up Lindsey’s history with injury, but the two stars were having a ball. Lindsey Vonn, who has scooped the ESPY Best Female athlete twice, sure does know how to get the awkward levels up to the higher digits.

It’s interesting to note that it seems it was all in good fun as Lindsey and JJ took photos afterwards. We all know you can’t go wrong with the photo booth.