1Love him or hate him, one thing’s for sure, ‘The Donald’ is certainly (and quite painfully) not a figment of a shared delusion. Whether it’s the gutter East Coast accent or the amped up crazy that Trump brings to the party, people seem to dig it, and its showing in the polls. The guy has literally pioneered the troll party and has become the hero to countless stinky commenters worldwide with his hose of a mouth spewing enough digital manure to power a small city. But, he has managed to outrun all of the candidates of the Republican Party (much to their chagrin), and has come too close for comfort to his Democratic rival’s lead. And he’s managed to do all that by spending the least amount of money as compared to his rivals. So, you gotta give the guy some credit. If the answer is ‘nay’ here are a few more “Thoughts on Trump” (this could be a thing!) to ponder on while you bang your head on the proverbial “America’s-gone-to-shit” wall.

The Trump-JFK Connection…Wait What?!

Yeah, sorry, but it’s true! In desperate times, the American people have often turned to the strongman figure. To many folks, these are desperate times. You’ve got minority communities being killed on the streets by law enforcement, you have North Korea ramping up its nuclear capabilities, your public toilets have pretty much become transgender. And what else…There’s the Black Lives Matter campaign, (even though there’s a BLACK president in the Whitehouse), jobs are drying up faster than the Mississippi, and then there’s the terrorists who are always happy to blow us all to smithereens. Yup…times seem pretty bleak, which is what Trump’s entire campaign has been about. In fact, the parallel goes far beyond the similar dismal times of both JFKs campaign and the present Trump campaign. This can be seen in the aping of JFK’s slogan “Let’s get this country moving again.” But, there’s more…

See, JFK’s slogan was a comment on Eisenhower’s presidency which lasted eight years. Quite similarly, Trump’s campaign slogan “Make America Great Again” is a comment on Obama’s eight years in office. Also, JFK was considered to be the underdog, the inexperienced outsider, naïve to the ways of politics and how the world works, unlike his opponent at the time, Richard Nixon who was the Vice President, had the experience, and rallied to stay the course (Sounds familiar, anyone?). And what happened next. The famous face-off took place in September, 1960 in the nation’s first ever televised presidential debate where, JFK’s likeability factor outweighed that of Nixon on screen, but Nixon garnered much support from his radio listeners. If you compare the two, in a time of racial tension and borderline paranoia, we have on one hand, a noob presidential candidate with a trigger happy mouthpiece, and a career politician on the other hand, who’s caught up in the web of some serious allegations in communications. Go figure!

It’s Gonna be “YUGE!”

That’s right folks, Trump has said it again and again, and you know what? The guy actually meant it (not the wall part though!) As of now, Trump’s campaign has managed to raise a whopping $82 million, which means that the guy with Devil’s blond hairpiece has a cool $74 million at his disposal. And guess what? Trump hasn’t spent a dime on TV ads since the beginning of his campaign, unlike his opponents who’ve poured money into ads, with more to be expected as the campaign comes to a close. While Trump seems to be relying on his over the top remarks, giving him all the free publicity he needs…apparently, which is yet another reason why Trump may just be a genius.