Cody Whitehair
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

After several years of disappointing football in Chicago, can they turn it around in 2016? They have been plagued by injuries at the quarterback and receiver positions, and on defense, but they have a lot of new faces who may be able to rebuild that winning culture that the Windy City had become accustomed to.

Keys to winning in 2016:

1–Jay Cutler: Jay has got to stay healthy this year. This isn’t the defense that carried a Rex Grossman run offense to the Superbowl. If Jay can stay healthy and steer clear of consecutive interceptions, the Bears offense might be able to gain some traction.

2–O-Line & WR’s: The Bears offensive line has proven that, when healthy, they are an above average unit. The addition of Cody Whitehair (OL) via the draft, and a wealth of competition at other o-line positions, could spur a decent line this year, if they can stay healthy. As far as the receiving corp goes, Alshon Jeffery needs to play up to par, and Kevin White needs to be an immediate impact. If that translates to the field, Cutler will have an array of short and deep threats that could make the Bears’ offense really go this year.

3–The Defense: The Bears’ D isn’t what it once was, but Vic Fangio could change that. Danny Trevathan is a good pick up that should bolster a weak linebacking corp, and Leonard Floyd and Jonathan Bullard immediately strengthen the pass rush. If Tracy Porter and Kyle Fuller can live up to expectations at the corner position, and the front office can add Safety help, the Bears’ defense has a lot of potential to surprise some people in 2016.