1. Natasha Lyonne


It is not secret that Natasha Lyonne was stuck between a rock and a hard place during one point in her life. The actor from American Pie ended up homeless, broke, and nearly dead after battling through hepatitis C and a heroine addiction. She has since rebounded and is now known for her role in the Netflix series, Orange Is The New Black.


2. M.C. Hammer

Photo by Brian Rasic / Rex USA ( 114653a )
Photo by Brian Rasic / Rex USA ( 114653a )

It’s safe to safe that M.C. Hammer did not spend his fortune wisely as he found himself completely broke in just a couple of years. Despite making $33 million in 1991, he managed to blow an insane amount on his entourage, mansion, and rides. By 1996 he was forced to file for bankruptcy. The amount of debt is said to be close to $13 million. He has since found peace as a minister and consultant for several different companies.


3. Michael Vick


Many people remember the epic downfall of the once great Michael Vick. While playing quarterback for the Falcons, he was sentenced to prison for his involvement in a dog fighting scandal. This practically drained him of all his capital and was later forced to file for bankruptcy. Lucky for the star athlete, he was able to eventually return to the NFL after he served his time and signed with the Philadelphia Eagles.


4. Lena Headey


Despite her star role in the hit HBO series Game Of Thrones, Headey was hit with a nasty divorce that left her flat broke. There are no reports of her actually filing for bankruptcy, but she did come out and say that she had only $5 in her bank account. Let this be a lesson to all! Do whatever it takes to avoid divorce. Because in the end. It’s gonna cost you.