We searched the internet to bring to you the most well analyzed plots of cartoons that do not seem what they are. Sure, you are entitled to your opinion; however, don’t say we didn’t warn you as some of the things in these theories will make you change your mind.

Angelica is the Only Real Child in Rugrats

A very popular theory is that Angelica is a lonely child and makes up the rest of the kids as a sort of a coping mechanism. The DeVilles were going to have a baby but they had an abortion. So, Angelica never knew of the child’s gender and made up twins. Chucky died with his mother which is why his father Chaz is always looking like a mess of a grownup. The reason Stu is always building toys in the basement is because Tommy was stillborn. Later on, Suzie was the only other real person who befriended Angelica and for the sake of friendship, played along with Angelica’s imagination.

Donald Duck Suffers from PTSD

Donald Duck’s erratic behavior and his tendency to never wear pants are signs of post traumatic stress disorder. This is a cause of him being a trooper in World War II. Donald Duck is always having flashbacks, is not able to respond to normal stimuli and is persistent on symptoms of increased arousal, like being hyper vigilant, angry and having difficulty staying asleep. 

Aladdin is Set in the Future

The Genie tells Aladdin that he has been locked in the lamp for 10,000 years while the narrator comments on Genie’s attire as “so third century”. This means that the movie is set in 10,300, which makes the flying carpet and the magic an interpretation of future tech.

Hey Arnold Centers Around Helga

If you really think about It, scenes with Helga are the only ones in the cartoon that are lengthy, more than anyone else’s the show. It also focuses on her inner struggles and the name of the show is literally Helga shouting out to Arnold. The audiences know more about Helga’s life than Arnold’s. We know that she has an alcoholic mother, a father who does not give her the attention she craves and a sister whose level of success she wants to meet.

Batman’s Villians are More like Batman’s Demons

The villains are not real; in fact, it is all about Bruce Wayne battling his inner demons. Every villain represents something. For example, Mr. Freeze represents his ability to not be able to maintain long term relationships, Penguin is symbolic for Wayne’s class and wealth and Two Face is the clash between billionaire philanthropist and Batman for Bruce. The Joker is the most imposing one and denotes Batman’s intrusive thoughts which are a result of the senseless deaths of his parents.