Business colleagues in a meeting, man using mobile phoneChoosing the path of a business degree in college is becoming more and more popular for students in higher education. With a B.S. in business, you will be prepared to follow a number of great paths for your career depending on what you decide to concentrate in. Check out the site PayScale to get a better understanding on how much you could expect to make with your business degree in today’s job market. Below we have posted a few of the top careers for those people.


  1. Accountant
  2. Financial Advisor
  3. Cost Estimator
  4. Financial Manager
  5. Banking Analyst

Some require more schooling and certifications than others. Depending on which you choose, you may have to start at a low wage salary or even make your own income through commissions. Others involve intensive training, but no cold calling or sales talent. Depending on which best fits your personality and interests would be the best options.

For more information on each individual career, do some further research to determine which route is best for you. Overall, business majors develop a solid foundation for all that involves running a business and managing finances. With this degree, you can secure a well-paying job with a market that will always have a high demand.