ShodanMany people are startled with the growing popularity of privacy invader Shodan. Shodan advertises itself as “the world’s first search engine for Internet-connected devices”.

Their data base collects data from a variety of different ports, but mostly on web servers. It has been said that this is dangerous because you can find the controls of something that should be off limits or have the ability to invade people’s privacy.

The startling news about this search engine is that it allows users to access webcams wherever in the world. This is a recent feature that was made available in 2015. It can display screenshots from webcams across the globe, completely invading into personal privacy. So, yes, you never actually know who is watching.

This type of technology should help people realize that cyber security is a real threat and is something that needs to be spearheaded by society. Protecting our online privacy is vital as we continue to progress with our ever growing technology. Falling behind in this category could have dire consequences.

The emergence of the Edward Snowden movie in 2016 also raised a lot of alarms in terms of hacking ability. For the longest time, our own governments had the ability to hack into our personal devices to spy on us.

The drastic measures that Snowden took to make sure the US government could not find him or could not hack into his devices was alarming. Many may have thought he was being paranoid. The reality is, tough, that he knew what kind of capabilities they had.

As technology continues to develop, our privacy will continue to be at risk. Red flags are constantly being raised. It is important for people to be vocal about their online privacy and to never allow their right to privacy to be taken.

Many may not care about this, and instead are adamant supporters of giving up privacy for safety. The problem with this is that it is a slippery slope. When you start giving up your privacy, it then becomes a matter of where to draw the line.

While you can help insure your webcam security by setting up password protection, it is still concerning that technology has advanced to this level without any major advancement in protection. How far will it have to go before action is taken by our society? Guess we will have to wait and see.

In the mean time, always remember to take proper measures to protect you, your information, and your privacy. The internet age is always advancing, so one must ensure they are keeping up their security at all times.