As many of you probably already know, Texas is the biggest staple for the Republican party when it comes electoral votes in the presidential elections.

Since 1994, every governor has been a member of the GOP. The last time they supported a Democratic candidate for president was in the 70s with Jimmy Carter.

Year in and year out, the GOP relies on its now 38 electoral votes to help stay afloat in the presidential elections where democrats are typically guaranteed 240 electoral votes.

So what if I told you that this could all change in the near future? With the growth of the urban population in Texas, it is well on its way towards a purple future.

This would put the life of the Republican party on the line. Without Texas, they have no chance of clinching the White House again. George Will, opinion columnist with the Washington Post, talks about how Republicans are doing the worst in major cities. And it just so happens that the state has 4 of them: Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Dallas.

Donald Trump easily won the state during the 2016 presidential election, but the margins were lower than in years past. In order to the Republican party to gain a stronger foothold in future elections, they will have to continue to improve on their inclusiveness of minority groups.

This along with a rapidly growing hispanic population puts Texas on the trading block. With more voting participation from the minority community, Democrats could see a stronger showing in the state for years to come. Watch out GOP, your demise may be closer than you think.