BeyonceSome are calling Beyoncé that smartest marketer in the world for her performance at the highly anticipated Super Bowl this past Sunday. It began the day before, when she released the music video for her new song, Formation.

The song and video sent a political message to the country. And it sent that message while live on TV with over 100 million watching. Her backup dancers were all dressed in Black Panther-type clothes bringing attention to the civil rights movement currently happening in the states. In the music video, a boy portrays the Black Lives Matter movement as he wears a hoodie in front of a group of cops with the words “stop shooting us” sung in the background.

At the end of the Super Bowl 50 Halftime show, Beyoncé proceeded to announce her upcoming Formation tour. The singer serves as a role model for women and African Americans everywhere. She used her celebrity status during the Super Bowl to promote her own cause along with the civil right movement.

From this, she blew up on social media and received a ton on free press because of it. Whoever manages Beyoncé’s marketing deserves a pat on the back. Whether you agree with her performance or not, you must agree that she did a perfect job of conveying her message to the nation during the most popular television event every year.