TurtleHaving a pet in the family is a memorable experience for a child. It can teach them love and compassion. It can also teach them valuable life lessons like responsibility for another living creature. Because of this, we have created a list of pets that are best for kids during their childhood.


This is a good choice early on because it requires little effort and minimal attention. You may want to start with this inexpensive pet as an early developmental and teaching tool.


Who doesn’t love a traditional cat. With their independence, you don’t have to worry about giving it enough attention or taking it out to the bathroom.


A turtle is a unique pet and can teach your child about reptiles and their required habitat. Much like fish, they require little attention and engagement unlike other pets.


This small bird will help your child become more familiar with birds in general and how to interact with them. They are usually cheap which is always good for a starter pet.


A good ole fashion dog is a good lovable pet for your child. They teach responsibility and compassion more than the other pets listed. They require more attention and play time than most.


Much like the previous pets, they take up little room and easily contained within their cage. Pets like the Gerbil and Parakeet teach kids how to be friendly and gentile with their pets.