Food is food. Just because your dog typically eats a store bought dog food, doesn’t mean that can’t simply eat what you eat. In the old days, dogs were often fed the same dinner foods that you currently eat every night. That or you would have to make them their own food.

Store bought dog food typically contains high quality ingredients needed to maintain a health pet. Make sure it is high quality though with a well respected brand name. This will ensure a generally wholesome diet. According to PetMD, ensuring that your dog is being fed an ample amount of nutrients everyday that is complete and balanced.

At the end of the day though, dog food is processed food. Just like we want to stay away from processed foods, so does your dog. In general, you can feed your dogs most meats. Processed dog food contains the bits and scraps of animals like chicken, pig, or cow. So any meat from them is just a better version of what they would routinely consume.

In sum, if you just want to feed your dog some store bought processed food, go with a high quality brand. If you are willing to feed actual food, try giving your pet so leftovers or even unwanted bones.