Speaking in terms of movies, so far 2016 has been a great year. And with still many promising movies to be released before the year closes, we can hardly wait what Hollywood is going to bring for us. Until that happens, let’s go through the top X movies of 2016 that you should not, under any circumstance miss.

1: Deadpool

We love superhero movies… sometimes anti-hero movies can be even better though. The film is based on Marvel Comic’s “most unconventional anti-hero”, Wade Wilson, who used to be a part of the Special Forces.

A series of circumstances make him find himself a part of a terrible experiment. The results of that experiment leave Wilson with super healing powers. Wilson moves on with his life adopting his alter-ego “Deadpool”, who with his dark and twisted sense of humor and new superpowers, sets out to seek revenge from the people who nearly end up finishing his life.

We honestly believe that Deadpool may just be one of those very few people who could give Iron Man a run for his money.

2: Captain America: Civil War

2016 is definitely going to be seeing a lot of superheroes, left, right and center. If you were wondering what happened after Avengers: Age of Ultron ended, see this movie to find out. While Civil War seems like a sequel to Age of Ultron, it really is not. Our favorite Avengers can be seen trying to save humanity amidst lots of political pressure and plenty of collateral damage like never before somehow concluding that the biggest enemy they are to fight resides nowhere else except within themselves.

3: Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising

The first installment was pretty great and the second one is no, either. In Sorority Rising, we get a chance to see Kelly and Mac again taking their positions on the offence as a sorority moves in net door. Chloe Moretz and Selena Gomez as sorority heads do not disappoint in their roles at all. Just like the first part, the second installment of the series will leave your stomach hurting for all the right reasons.

4: Eddie the Eagle

Who does not like rooting for a sportsman who is literally hopeless? Sporting an underdog has its own charm. And if you too are guilty of doing that you will love Eddie the Eagle.  Eddie, whose only dream is to compete as a ski-jumper in the Winter Olympics. The only problem is that he does not have any skiing talent…but does that stop him from following his dream?


Bonus: See Hugh Jackman show Eddie the ropes of skiing.

5: Finding Dory

It is hard not to like a Pixar production, especially when it involves the return of one of our favorite fish. Not only do we get to see plenty of Dory, we also see Nemo (yes!), Marlin, and of course, the notorious Tank Gang.  In the movie, we also see some new characters that, along with the previous ones, help Dory figure out what her life is about. We don’t care how old you are, you better not miss out on this.