Whole grains

Cereals are an irreplaceable composition of our daily diets. They are good sources of nutritional and medicinal remedy. Studies show that both men and women of middle age, who consumes more whole grain foods, lose weight faster and in a shorter span than their counterparts who consume polished grain foods. According to the Whole Grain Council, avoiding any refined grains will help to improve your health and reduce the onset of chronic disease.

The most common and significant cereal grains include; maize, barley, rye, rice, wheat and oats. All grains have a similar structure. The inside of it contains the endosperm and germ. This gives carbohydrates and proteins which are converted to give your body energy and keep it nourished. The outer shell is known as bran. Its basic function is to protect the seed from external damage. The bran provides our bodies with fiber, vitamin B and trace minerals. All this huge amounts of nutrients are found in whole grains and not the polished ones. All this nutrients make your diet healthier, and yield in giving you a healthy body

Consumption of whole grains has a lot of advantages on your health. We have a few listed below for you to live a more healthy life through consumption of whole grains.

  1. They contain a lot of Fiber.

An adult requires between 25-35 grams of fiber daily. Fiber helps you feel full for long hence you do not over indulge. It also helps to control blood sugar, lower bad cholesterol levels in te body and keep colon cancer at bay.

  1. Whole grains help in digestion.

The fiber content in the grains helps in regulation of your bowel movement. People who consume whole grains will need fewer laxatives since the grains got them under control. They also help keep off diverticulitis. This is a condition where little pouches are formed in the colon wall. They cause inflammation, constipation, diarrhea and pain. Whole grains also contain lactic acid which promotes good bacteria in the large intestine. They help in digestion, nutrition absorption and they also boost your immunity.

  1. They lower cholesterol in the body.

Other than helping your body to prevent absorption of bad cholesterol, whole grains also lowers triglycerides. This two are major causes of heart disease. By consumption of whole grains you will keep off heart disease issues.

  1. They give your bode essential minerals.

Whole grains are a huge source of the minerals that our bodies need. This include irons, it transports oxygen through out the body, and also helps in prevention of anemia. Magnesium which helps in bone building and also zinc which keeps your immune system in check.

  1. They help in weight control.
  2. People, who consume whole grains, are more likely to keep their weight in check and less likely to gain weight, than those who eat polished grains. According t a study, women who ate whole grains, be it wheat germ, popcorn brown rice or any other whole grain had 49% lower risk of major weight gain in comparison to women who favored doughnuts and white bread over whole grains,

Basically, whole grains will keep you healthy and glowing. You will reduce those frequent visits to the doctor. Remember, you are what you eat.