Nothing in this world is concrete, least of all people’s opinions. It is one thing one day and something else the other. Same is the case for Apple’s latest beauty, the iPhone 7. People, especially the gizmodos and tech aficionados, were all but dying to see what this one would be like; what new things Apple will bring into this already smart phone dominated world and how it will be able to outshine its competitors – not that Samsung is giving it much of a competition anyway.  And as always, the reaction was anything but firm. Some features were highly liked and favored while others were openly made fun of. Let’s see which got what:

The Look:

You know what they say; the first impression is the lasting one. Therefore, the appearance of iPhone 7 and 7S was the first thing that became the target of critics. You don’t even have to be too critical to come to the conclusion that there was no “Wow” factor in this one. It looked more or less the same as the last one; so, no sparks flied there.

The Battery:

You might already have got wind about the battery situation of the iPhone 7. If not, then let us tell you that it has been immensely improved. It is believed that the battery life has increased by at least 2 hours, which in the technological world, is equivalent to 2 years.


Quite a large number of people have been impressed by the new iPhone’s crazy speed. It is faster than its predecessors and made many users happy. iPhone 6 had the A9 chip and this one has an A10 chip, improving the speed by 40%.

The Water Test:

There are all kinds of curious people out there. Surely, you might have come across a video or two where phones are tested by dropping them from heights, by crushing in a grinder, and making them undergo other highly dubious things that only people with great disregard of money can do. However, the water test makes complete sense since it usually rains when we are carrying our phones with us. However, it passed the test, which doesn’t mean that you can keep your iPhone in a glass of water all day long; it can only survive in water for only 30 minutes and only up to a depth of 1 meter. But, it is a step forward nonetheless.


Apple’s ability to fit some great cameras into their phones is commendable and this time, they have outdone even themselves by installing a killer 12-mega-pixel camera. The pictures are better than they have ever been. 

The Headphone Jack:

Removing the beloved headphone jack is one of the biggest sins committed by the manufacturers. The headphone jack is gone, leaving the world with a pair of wireless earphones. Maybe it is the big change that is making people feel really awkward, not being attached to their phone as they bob their head to the beat of the music. Either way, people are not having it.

If you are waiting for a verdict, you’ll be waiting forever. You’ll never find any phone perfectly flawless, but there will be ones that come close. So, now that you know the good and the bad of the iPhone 7, it is entirely up to you to decide if it’s worth your money or not.