Matt Damon

Matt Paige Damon was born in the year 1970 on 8th October.  He is an American writer, screenwriter and film producer. He is one of the most successful Hollywood stars of all time. Damon has strived so hard in his life to becoming one the most influential stars in the American film industry.

Boston Boy

He was born and raised by Kent Telfer Damon and Nancy Carisson Paige as their second son. Matt spent his early life as a member of an upper-class family before his parents split up in 1973. His mother took him together with his elder brother Kyle to a neighborhood in Cambridge where he grew up to adolescence. Matt was a bright student, and he grew a profound interest in acting when he was still in high school. He developed his acting skills with the help of his arts and drama teacher while he was at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School. Matt also took part in several theater productions in his local area.

Dabbling In Acting

His desires for acting became greater, and he knew it was a high time that he looked for a better opportunity out there in the acting field. His parents were against his choice and they even refused to fund his trip, but this did not stop Matt. He used all his savings which were in a joint account they had together with his friend and they both went for the journey. They finally landed in New York where they both joined in an audition for “Mystic Pizza” but unfortunately, it was only Matt who made it. It was a small role because it was merely a one-line part but he promised himself to use this as a stepping stone. His hopes did not last long after he failed to secure any role as an extra in “The Good Mother “.

Time At Harvard

After this Matt tried his luck in several other movies after he joined Harvard University to pursue a degree in English literature. He joined the cast of a big screen production School Ties and a TV series called Rising Son. A promising opportunity approached him when he was given a supporting role in “Geronimo: An American Legend”. He thought that this would be his big break, and he accepted the role where he quit his study despite being just 12 credits from graduating.

Early Movies

The movie did not get the expected results despite having other amazing actors like Jason Patric and Gene Hackman. He almost gave up on this career when he remembered a screenplay he had written for an assignment in the playwriting class. He revised it together with his friend and he wanted to sell it to Castle Rock Entertainment, but this was turned down. Matt succeeded in getting a role as “Tom Ripley” towards the end of 1999 and where he got mixed reviews from critics, but he got some praise for his performance in the role. One of the famous roles he has played is in the “Bourne” movie franchise. This is one his most recognizable work up to date. He plays as an amnesiac assassin “Jason Bourne”. He has starred in other famous movies like in the “Oceans” movie franchise among others.


Matt is a happily married man to Luciana Barroso whom he met in Miami. They got married in a private ceremony on 5th December 2005. They have four daughters and Matt is a big fan of the Boston Red Sox where he attends their games whenever he can.