Who doesn’t want to get in shape? Even if you are not looking to shed off some major pounds there are only a billion and a half benefits to living a healthy lifestyle.  A healthy lifestyle revolves around exercising. And luckily for us, the fitness gurus from all over the world keep on coming with one interesting workout routine after another.

The reason is simple. They know how important it is to stay motivated to continue moving along on the Road of Fitness. While lifting weights and doing the same moves over and over again may bring their own set of results, but after a while they can get…boring.

So naturally we need something that would hold our interest longer than 15 minutes. And this is where Zumba comes in to save the day! What is Zumba? It is a workout which really isn’t even a workout. Confused? Don’t be. Try to think of Zumba as a hip party where everyone gets together and dances on catchy tunes.  If that has successfully gotten your attention, go through the 5 ultimate reasons listed below why we think you should be on board too:

1: You Burn Calories While Socializing:

Honestly, it could not get better than this. Zumba takes place in a group setting so what your are basically going to be doing is getting together with a bunch of people, dancing and getting in shape. Need we really say more?

For bonus points, try getting your friends to sign up Zumba classes. The more, the merrier.

2: Mood Enhancer with Zero Side Effects:

Exercising is pretty famous already to improve your mood. Fun workout routines like Zumba can make the effect even stronger. You dance to upbeat music which is also known for having mood boosting powers and then you couple that with the adrenaline rush you will be getting from all the moving and shaking you will be doing. End result will be a happier you with toned legs.

3: Your Cardiovascular-Respiratory System Will Love You:

If you are looking to build your “anaerobic endurance”, make room for Zumba in your daily routine. Since you are dancing at a particular (high) speed, and if you keep on doing that consistently ultimately your system increases its capacity of taking in more oxygen when things get fast and furious. Try this workout for a few weeks and watch your endurance levels reaching up towards the sky like never before.

4: You Will Not Get Bored:

We guarantee that doing Zumba will leave you anything but bored. So the less bored you are, the more likely you are to stick to your workout routine. Did we mention that all the dancing with others present will also make you shed away your inhibitions and improve your confidence?

5: No Prerequisites:

To join a Zumba class, you need absolutely no experience, no fitness level of any sort. No matter what your age, you can (and should) totally sign up for Zumba classes at your earliest!