Check out all the things that are to blame for you losing your money before your next paycheck is due.

Thing Number One: All that Scrumptious Food

Food is a man’s best friend. Food understands, and is selfless in its love for you. And that is why food deserves your dollars. For most people, the highlight of their day is the lunch hour. Eating out delicious meals can recharge anyone into looking forward to the rest of the day. We know we spend too much on eating out, but we can’t seem (read: don’t want) to stop. The world is a better place with food in it, whenever we want.

Thing Number Two:  Online Shopping

The worst kind of shopping is the kind that you do when you look at a high resolution, perfectly pixilated image of this product, a product that you can buy by simply clicking on one single button on the screen, and no, don’t reach for your credit card; the last time you input those details, the convenient browser saved your details. So, just click that button and wait for the doorbell. Its revolutionary, it’s the future; oh wait, is that the doorbell? Oops, looks like it’s time to cough up some cash. There goes your monthly input for that vacation you are trying to save for.

Thing Number Three: It’s the Thieving Money Elves

Remember stories about tiny elves that came out at night, messed with your stuff, raided the food in your kitchen, and at times, practiced shoemaking? Something at the back of your mind tells you that they are at it again because for all your habits that have nothing to do with splurging impulsively, you honestly have no idea where your money goes. 

Thing Number Four: Temporary Fads

In fact, every kind of cool new trend that we know won’t last long, but because someone super famous bought it, and then a whole lot of other people bought it and instagrammed it, the US government would switch your status to ‘Alien’ if you do not follow suit. What usually happens is that you end up only using these pricey things once, or never really. But, you did spend a lot of money that you could have saved or spent on something more important.

Thing Number Five: Stuff We Don’t Need

Most of the times, we are spending money on a luxury that we believe “could be useful”, but we can do without it just fine; for example, an electronic device. This can leave an impact if you are living on a budget or living paycheck to paycheck. It helps if you make a priority list, where you should allocate your money wisely.