Table sugar, which is used as an ingredient in many foods that you eat, is made up of two components. These are fructose and glucose. The glucose component is good for your body as it is converted to energy. On the other hand, the fructose component is harmful to our body, and it leads to a myriad of complications. Fructose is not only found in table sugar but also in fruits. It is vital that you decrease sugar intake to maintain a healthy body and below are justifications of why you need to do that.

Sugar Intake Causes Deposition of Fat in the Liver

The fructose that you consume goes directly to the liver. The purpose of fructose in the liver is to replenish used glycogen but since most people do not work out the glycogen is rarely used up and thus the fructose has no role to play. The liver turns the fructose to fat. The fat build up is dangerous over time.

Sugar Intake Cause Insulin Resistance

Excess sugar leads to the body becoming resistant to insulin. This triggers the body to produce more insulin to counter the sugar eventually overworking the pancreas leading to its damage. A damaged pancreas is a recipe for type 2 diabetes.

Sugar Intake Raises Your Risk of Western Diseases

Other than causing diabetes, sugar also leads to heart disease and obesity. It does this by raising the levels of bad cholesterol that leads to weight gain.

Leads to Leptin Resistance

Leptin is a hormone produced by the body whose core function is to control your appetite and the body’s metabolism rate consequently helping you maintain a normal weight. If the body resists leptin, the consequences are becoming obese.

Thriving of Cancer

Fructose helps cancer thrive in your body by fuelling their energy source. It is, therefore, vital that you avoid sugar intake to rid cancer cells of their energy.

Increased Uric Acid Production

The uric acid produced in small amounts is not harmful to the body. It only becomes toxic when produced in large amounts, and sugar is a well-known catalyst for increasing uric acid production. Excess uric acid often leads to gout, kidney stones, and increased blood pressure.

Promotes the Growth of Pathogenic Bacteria

While the bigger part of your body cannot use fructose as an energy source, the gut can do so. However, when the fructose is in excess, it leads to gut flora imbalances that promote overgrowth in bacteria and consequently the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

Sugar is Addictive

Consumption of sugar leads to the releasing of dopamine to the brain giving you a feeling of pleasure. This is precisely how hard drugs work. Sugar addiction will lead you to consume excess sugar and consequently get health problems.

Sugar is Empty Calories

Sugary foods fill your stomach but do not add any value to your body. They contain petite to no nutrients.

Leads to Dyslipidemia

Sugar damaging the liver eventually leads to dyslipidemia. This is a condition where the lipid markers in the blood tend to shift in a direction that spells heart disease.

The above reasons justify why you should consume less sugar. You will not only be healthy but live a happy life also.