Many times in our lives, we watch a movie and end up thinking, “why didn’t we see it sooner?” “Why are there no awards, no nominations and absolutely no praise for it?” And most importantly, “why has IMDB rated it so low when it deserves a much higher rating?” Call it an error in judgment or some failed marketing campaigns, whatever the reasons may be, let’s rectify them now and make sure that we watch these movies and spread the word.

Here is your guide to some of the most astounding yet underrated movies of all times:

Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead (2007):

A crime heist movie with a unique twist, Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead is perfect in every way possible, from the cinematography to the story line to the acting. Everything is flawless yet very few people know about it.

The Rundown:

Usually when The Rock, aka Dwayne Johnson is casted, his movies become highly anticipated ones even before they release. The Rundown, however, was one of those movies where Dwayne actually got challenged with a tough acting job and it definitely worked out. Involving family, love, danger and crime, this movie is worth watching and did not get enough attention or praise it well and truly deserves.

Chef (2014)

Starring the very precious and talented Robert Dowry Jr. alongside Scarlett Johansson, Sofia Vergara and other skilled actors, Chef is a unique and fun movie to watch. It is simply about a cook who is passionate about cooking food, and very good one at that. It is not every day you get to see a movie where the main characters are all focused on making delicious and creative delectables. Most of the times, they are about superheroes, zombies and government weapons which have fallen into the wrong.

Max (2002):

A story involving a young Hitler (portrayed by Menno Meyjes) and a Jewish dealer (portrayed by John Cusack) makes for an interesting story. Meyjes did his job well by completely justifying the character of Hitler. Thus, it makes for an interesting watch.

The Fall:

A young girl befriends an injured man in a hospital. Their favorite time pass; storytelling. The little, wide-eyed girl gets hooked into the story the man weaves, featuring selfless heroes and villains in a setting that is sophisticated and exotic. As we get lured into the tale, we realize it is slowly unfolding the story of the bedridden man himself. Completely mind-blowing and interesting, this movie certainly deserves much more attention and fans.


What do you do when the sun is about to die? You put together a team of the finest to save the sun and ultimately, the world. Starring A-list actors like Chris Evans, Rose Byrne, and Cillian Murphy among others, this movie is certainly worth watching. It is not every day you get to see a dying sun after all!


When 2 astronauts wake up in a spacecraft with no memory of what, how and why, it catches your attention. It gets even better because these two astronauts are not the only ones on the ship, there is something else too, and it is not good company.

Regardless of having been awarded or not, these movies are underrated and devoid of people who have yet to witness their awesomeness.