Halloween parties are meant to be scary but we all have been to the ones that turned out to be funny, childish, boring, dull, typical or anything else but scary.

If you are planning to throw a Halloween party this year and want it to be different from the hundreds of others, make sure to take a look at our tips and ideas to throw a party people won’t stop talking about.

Select a Theme

While choosing a theme for the Halloween party is an old idea, it is one of the most basic and essential requirements for an amazing party. If you are confused or not sure if a theme will work out or not, go for a classic horror theme. You can never go wrong with that!

Either spread some zombie germs among your guests or go for the vampire or ghost theme. Once you decide the theme, making other arrangements will become a lot easier since you will know the basic idea you have to play around with.

Choose the Right Location

The best place to throw a Halloween party would be a ‘haunted house’ but who is daring enough to party with real ghosts? Surely, no one.

What you can do instead is to select a location for your Halloween party that gives the feeling of being haunted and one which will give goose bumps to your guests. What area of your house can give that feel? Yes, you are right; the basement. It’s cool, dark, creepy and also inexpensive.

Do Not Ignore the Entrance

The entrance gives the first impression of your party and when it is decorated with skeletons, skulls, bones, dim orange lights, ghoul greeters and skeletons of animals, your party will be the one guests will scream for.

Serve Creepy Food

No, this does not mean you serve brains and real blood to your guests. Get a bit creative with your food and give a creepy appearance to the regular food items by playing with the colors and presentation.

Get the food served by a zombie or a vampire with blood on his/ her teeth and around the mouth to add the extra dose of excitement and thrill.


While being at a Halloween party itself is enough for guests, chances are that some people do not know each other if you have thrown a huge party. So, plan some kind of activity or a game to break the ice and get everyone moving. You can go for a costume contest, Halloween Charades, Murder mystery or a live band.