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Sure, you gave the Discovery Channel a break and tuned into the Olympics this year to watch some of the best athletes from around the world compete for gold and a chance to put their name in the history books. The Olympics is truly a spectacle to behold not just because of the many athletes in absolute physical peak, or the rich history that dates back to the Greeks. You probably think you know just about enough on the Olympics, but here’s our gold-medal list of some of the things you probably don’t know about the most prestigious sporting event in the world.

Win Gold or Bust…Literally

We’d like to think that those who participate in the Olympic games, represent their country, and are given the best because of representing their flags. Well, turns out, not so much. While Olympic athletes are entitled to getting their face etched on a mountain somewhere (only if they win), the truth is that almost all of the athletes who take part in the Olympics, or want to, have to beg, borrow, and do just about everything to get the finances they need in order to compete.

While countries such as Tahiti, Norfolk Island and Somaliland don’t even have a National Olympic committee, even countries that do such as the US for instance does not support its athletes. With an annual budget of $170 million, somebody ought to ask the US Olympics Committee how much they spend on the athletes, other than the high profile ones. So, if you want to be the next Phelps or Lochte (never mind this guy!), you will have to do it the old fashioned way, by getting a job or watching a how-to guide for panhandling on the web. Good luck sport!

Being Accused of Doping is Getting Easier

One of the problems that have plagued the Olympic Games is the allegations of doping, and with more than half of the Russian team being disqualified this year to participate in the Olympics, doping is taken very seriously. Seriously enough to get you busted even if you accidently take contaminated supplements or medication and even sexual enhancement pills. While athletes are given a chance to prove their innocence, they end up getting penalized most of the time. The solution is to not take any pills, right? Not quite! Turns out, your body can end up betraying you. For instance, if the body of a female athlete ends up producing too much testosterone, the athlete in question is usually asked to undergo corrective surgery before she is given permission to compete in the Olympics. WAIT WHAT?!

So, what is the recommended amount of testosterone that should be produced by the female body? Beats us, and yes, the IOC doesn’t know the answer too.

There’s a Clear Discrepancy in Game Coverage

Yes, that’s exactly what it means. Even with all the talk about equal pay for equal work in the corporate sector, females are still getting a raw deal, even at the Olympics. In fact, according to research, almost 96% of the coverage of women’s sports revolves around women’s boobs. This can also be seen with the commentators often times focusing more on the female athlete’s appearance rather than her strength or incredible amount of endurance. And it doesn’t end there, even when a female athlete wins, her victory is blamed on luck as compared to a man winning, which is because of their physical prowess of course. Point is, the Olympics could use a bit of equality, right guys? (some dudes have nice booties too) just kidding folks, this is a family blog.