Our knowledge about Paralympics is pretty limited. Most of us only regard it as the second-largest sports competition and that is about it. In reality though, the world of Paralympics holds some pretty interesting things and we are about to find out what they are.

Interesting Paralympics Fact #1:

We would not have the Paralympics if it weren’t for the Second World War. The Paralympics have a lot to do with the sporting games that were introduced by Dr. Ludwig Guttmann. He was a German doctor who used the wonders of sports to facilitate rehabilitation of soldiers with spinal injuries after the Second World War.

Interesting Paralympics Fact # 2:

While the Paralympics sees many athletes with spinal cord injuries, visual impairments, mental disabilities and other such conditions, they all have one thing in common: Absolute top class athletic ability.

This also happens to be the reason why the Paralympics and the Special Olympics are two different events. Unlike in the Paralympics where you need to have the highest athletic ability in order to compete, in The Special Olympics you can compete irrespective of what level of athletic ability you may be on.

Interesting Paralympics Fact #3:

This year’s Paralympics saw the highest number of athletes participate. In 2016, there were about 4,350 athletes coming in from 176 countries whereas the 2012 Paralympics only hosted 1,100 athletes.

This shows how over the last couple of years the chance to compete in a major sporting event has expanded even for those with disabilities.

Interesting Paralympics Fact #4:

While the participants of the Paralympics may have a more difficult time training because of their physical/mental disabilities, they do not let this hold them back.

Did you know that the US Swimmer Michael Phelps became one of the leading faces of this year’s Olympics – and why shouldn’t he? After winning 23 Olympic Gold Medals, 3 silver ones and 2 bronze medals we think he deserved all the recognition he could get.

And then came the Paralympics where we saw the extremely talented, no-nonsense swimmer Trischa Zorn who now has 55 medals out of which 44 of them are gold. Phelps might have to swim plenty of more laps before he can catch up to Zorn.

Interesting Paralympics Fact #5:

Here is a little Paralympics Trivia for you. Did you know that the world Paralympics is Greek in origin, stemming from two words para (which means besides) and Olympics? Parallel Olympics is what it means.

If you thought that it meant something like Paralysis or even Paraplegia… we don’t know what to say to you.

Interesting Paralympics Fact #6:

From 1994 to all the way till 2003, the motto of Paralympics was “Mind, Body and Spirit” which has now been changed to “Spirit in Motion.”

We for one think that the motto sounds so much cooler now than it did before.