With the rise of selfies as the most popular trend around the internet, millennials are left branded as narcissists. We invented the art of taking selfies as a generation, and instead of being proud of it, we feel awkward when someone stares at us while we snap pictures of ourselves.

Sure the internet is a dark place that feeds the flame of self indulgence, but in these competitive times when everyone is set on putting you down, what is wrong with a bit of self esteem boost? Here is how Selfies help be the umbrella to the rain on your parade.

A Treasured Memory

Contrary to popular belief, selfies are more than just about making the perfect pout. They help you capture the good times, and when you go through your endless collection of pictures, you might come across one that reminds of something great that happened while you took that selfie. If you look at old selfies on days when you feel down and nothing is going your way, these images motivate you to get back to this level, because you were that happy and it is possible to return to that state of mind.

You Don’t Know It but Selfies Are an Emotional Pep

Selfies remind us of a time when we felt ecstatic about ourselves. We may not be having a bad day, but selfies bring with them tiding of the memories they are attached to and automatically light you up.

They Make Others Smile Too

According to research, looking at a smiling face makes you smile. So when you post that selfie, you are making someone out there chirp with happiness. The same happens when you look at someone else’s selfie, where that person is smiling into the camera.

They Help You Love Yourself

Selfies are a great way for people to learn to accept their looks, and love their great features. Everyone could do with some more of self love, and selfies are here to assist you to do that. Most of the times we go by what others describe us as; selfies let us see us as the whole world does and judge for ourselves. Knowing that even though nobody would dare compliment us, we do look nice, and that is the perfect confidence booster. There is nothing wrong with taking a selfie before you are headed off to an important event.

Selfies Help in Social Settings

Selfies make it more comfortable to approach someone. When you post these and you get comments and Likes on them, it is a much better conversation starter then thinking ten times before you say hi to someone.